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Level Switch

High Frequency

The HFS high frequency level switch was made to detect the level of fluids or pasty media. (ketchup, yogurt, pastes, syrups, jellies, creams and soaps) and also products such as detergents, alkalis or various chemicals. The sensor operates in high frequency band, enabling reliable detection of the medium level without interference from the coating or accumulation in the electrode.
Application: Ideal for viscous and sticky media, such as: ketchup, yogurt, syrups, creams or pastes,
tar based products, alkaline, etc.
Power Supply Voltage: 7 ... 34Vdc
Consumption: DC max 5mA
Output: PNP or NPN
Max. Switching current: 300 mA
Room temperature: -40 ... 85 ° C
Process Temperature: -40 ... 105 ° C
Max Pressure: 10 MPa (100 Bar)
Degree of Protection: IP67 or IP68 (see models)
Material: PEEK Sensor / Stainless Steel Head 316L and 304


Sitron's conductive level switches control the level of conductive liquids. With no moving parts, the probes require no constant maintenance and are extremely reliable as well as highly configurable for specific application needs.
The CN series features built-in relays in the head, while the EL series requires a separate panel relay to control the process. Both the CN and EL series are available with fixed rods, removable rods or pendular electrodes (packed in a polyurethane submersible probe)
Like all Sitron products, the CN and EL Series are configurable to meet the unique needs of process control. Available with Nylon Fiberglass, Aluminum or Stainless Steel 316, all models can be purchased in a wide range of process fittings such as threads, flanges or sanitary as well as with Halar coating or other coating materials.


The SC750, SC200, SC600 and SC400 Capacitive Level Switches are designed to detect and control the level of conductive and non-conductive liquids, solids, pastes, corrosive liquids and more.
The SC750 and SC200 are usually suitable for applications with ambient pressure and temperature. They are suitable for liquids or solids with high or low dielectric constant and are ideal for corrosive media because they can be made entirely of plastic.
The SC600 is an ultra-compact 316 stainless steel level wrench without a head, but with an SPDT relay built into the compact body of the wrench. The SC400 with the LV400 controller relay features a sturdier wetted part that is suitable for high pressure and temperature applications.
Application: Level Detection in Liquids and Solids
Food: AC: 110 / 220V, 85 ... 230V / DC: 24Vdc
Output: Relay: SPDT or NA + NF (5A 250Vac) / PNP (3 wire)
Consumption: Max 4 VA
Level Indication: LED ON / OFF
Settings: Sensitivity and Delay Time
Electrical Connections: Cable gland / M12 connector (Probe)
Process Connection: BSP / NPT, Flange or Sanitary Connection
Wet Parts: Sensor for SC700DC: Polyacethal Delrin - Standard (PTFE or PVC optional) / Sensor for SC750DC: PTFE - Standard / SC400 in 316 Stainless Steel
Head (Probe): Nylon (N1, N2), Aluminum
Housing (LV / RL Relay): ABS (Thermosplash Resistant)
Process Pressure: 290 PSI (20 Bar)
Operating Temperature: SC700 probe (-10 to 80 ° C) SC400 probe (-10 to 120 ° C) / LV / RL relay (-10 to 60 ° C)
Degree of Protection: Probe IP65 / Relay IP40


The Sitron VTK series of vibrating wrenches are the ideal solution for many point-level sensing applications as they are not affected by changing the dielectric constant or conductivity of the medium. When the vibrating switch is submerged in the middle the natural frequency of vibration is changed. This change is detected by the electronic unit and is converted into an output, either relay (SPDT) or PNP / NPN (depending on the model).
Users around the world have become dependent on this technology for being very reliable and easily applicable. All models are produced in 316 stainless steel and can be ordered in a wide variety of threaded connections, flanges or hygienic connections, available with Halar or Epoxy coatings and can operate at temperatures up to 100 ° C.
Application: Liquid Level Detection
Food: DC-18 ... 36Vdc / AC-85 ... 260Vac (50 / 60Hz)
Current consumption: DC - (Max) 6mA / AC - (Max) 10mA
Output: PNP (2 and 3 wire) / Relay (SPDT)
Viscosity Average: 0.5 ... 5000 cSt
Precision: 0.1%
Repeatability: <0.5mm
Lag time: MVTK - 1 sec / VTK - 1 to 20 Sec (adjustable)
Charging Current (Max): Relay (5A - 250Vac) / PNP Max 500mA
Head Material: 316 Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Nylon
Electrical Connections: MVTK - DIN43650 and M12 / VTK - ½ "NPT Connector, M12 Connector and Cable Press
Process Connection: 3/4 "... 1 ½" BSP, NPT, Flange or Sanitary Connection
Wet Parts: Stainless Steel 316
Operating Temperature: MVTK -14 to 212 ° F (-10 to 100 ° C) / VTK-14 to 176 ° F (-10 to 80 ° C)
Maximum Pressure: 725 PSI (50 Bar)
Protection class: IP65 até IP67 (IEC60529)


The SOP400 type optical level sensors are used for level detection in liquids regardless of physical characteristics such as density, constant and dielectric conductivity. It provides optimum accuracy, repeatability and can be mounted in any position, especially in places with little space.
Food: 9 ... 32 Vdc or 5 ... 12Vdc
Consumption: 15mA
Output: PNP (N / A) or NPN (N / A or N / F) open collector
Output Indication: LED (Red)
Protection: Reverse polarity / Overvoltage / Short circuit
Electrical Connections: M12 Cable or Connector
Protection class: IP67 (M12) / IP67 (Cable)
Maximum Pressure: 20 Bar
Environment IR Limit (940nm): Max 10,000 Lux (environment)
Work temperature: - 40 ... + 100 ° C (up to 135 ° C on request)
Room temperature: -25 ... + 70 ° C
Repeatability: +/- 0.5mm
Hysteresis: <1 mm
Response Time: 1s (Rise) / 50us (Rise) (depends on viscosity)
Body Material: Stainless Steel 316
Sensor Material :: Borosilicate Glass
Length of tip (L): 35mm (Standard) others specify
Process Connection: ½ "NPT or BSP (others on request)