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Level Transmitter


Sitron's Capacitive level probes are primarily used for level measurement and control in various industrial processes. They can be applied in conductive and non conductive media such as water, oil, solids, pastes, chemicals, among others. The probes can also be used to detect the interface between liquids (oil / water). Like all Sitron products the capacitive probes can be produced in a variety of threaded, flange or sanitary connections.
  • The sc120 offers 316 Nylon, Aluminum or Stainless Steel headstocks, PTFE housings, Hallar coated rods and 03 DIN rail panel gauge options (CN202, CN200 or CN205)
  • The CN202 relay offers a bar graph display of 0 ... 100%, output 4 ... 20ma and Zero and Span adjustment.
  • The CN200 relay offers 2x SPDT relays, 0 ... 100% bar graph display, 4 ... 20ma output and Zero and Span adjustment.
  • The CN205 offers 5x SPDT relays, 0 ... 100% bar graph indicator, 4 ... 20ma output and Zero and Span adjustment.
  • The SC404 has the electronics integrated in the head with small head in Nylon or aluminum
  • The SC404 with large aluminum head has integrated electronics with galvanic isolation.
  • ISO420 is a galvanic isolator for use with the SC404 (with Nylon or Aluminum head).


Ultrasonic level meters are compact measuring devices that contain an ultrasonic transmitter and an electronic module. The transducer generates ultrasonic pulses that travel at the speed of sound toward the target medium. These sound waves are reflected on the surface of the medium and are received by the transducer system.
Based on the time period the distance or height of the medium is calculated by the electronic block (which also performs temperature compensation) and subsequently converted to an output current 4 ... 20mA with HART, voltage 0 ... 10 V or RS-485 output Modbus.
The meters are applied for monitoring and level control of liquids and solids without being in direct contact with the medium.
Models and features:
SLU - Quick display of the measured values ​​in the display / Easy adjustment without being in contact with the measuring medium / Mapping of false echoes / Possibility of use in explosive zones (version X) / Current output (4 ... 20mA) with HART® protocol or RS-485 Modbus output MSLU - Level adjustment via 2 buttons or magnetic pen / Version X for Explosive Areas / LEDs to indicate meter status / Output current (4 ... 20mA), voltage output (0 ... 10 V) or RS output -485 Modbus / Fast connection via connector